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5 Ways To Start Planning as an Online Coach

Ready to start planning your business success? If you are an online coach, creating a coaching planner is a great way to capture the vision that surrounds the entrepreneurial success you seek! If you’re thinking about starting a planner as an online coach, we want to share five exciting tips for furthering your love of helping others and creating a powerful resource that supports that.

5 Ways To Start Planning as an Online Coach - planning blog

Create Your Coaching Planner

If you’re an online coach looking for a planning aid, you’re likely already overwhelmed with ideas, action items and client to dos. We’ve made it easy for online coaches to pick up our WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner and begin planning their life as a coach!

In the WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner, you’ll receive 240+ pages of planning goodness that will help you gain clarity on how you want your online coaching business to unfold. From Product Offer Planning Sheets to Marketing Checklists, Client Logs and Note Sets, you’ll have everything you need to transform your ideas as an online coach into a profitable and purposeful reality.

Each planning sheet was carefully curated to serve you in your journey as an online coach. The WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner is the premier digital planner and a must have tool when you start planning. It includes pages for your social media posting schedule, course creation, important dates, monthly and weekly profit reviews, habit tracking, and contacts.

You can print off your planner or use it digitally to organize your tasks, brainstorm projects using our mind map planning sheets or lay out your weekly blog posts and live streams. Nothing has been forgotten.

1 - Client Scheduling

Online coaches who start planning early see tremendous benefits in their overall business success. You can use planners to organize and schedule 1:1 client sessions, group coaching calls, or student follow-ups ensuring a structured and efficient calendar. This helps with avoiding conflicts, managing time effectively, and ensuring that each coaching program and client you work with receives the attention they deserve.

2 - Content Planning

Planners are valuable for mapping out content creation and social media posting schedules. Coaches can plan when to drop their latest blog posts, go live on social media, publish newsletters, or release any other pieces of content that contribute to their online presence and engagement with clients.

Content creation is an integral part of building an online business and your ability to attract new clients and grow your audience starts with a solid content marketing strategy. When you start planning, a planner can help you time batch create your content and maintain a consistent routine for producing and promoting content your audience will love.

3 - Goal Tracking

Coaches can set both short and long-term goals for their coaching business and track progress in a planner. This includes goals related to client acquisition, profit goals, sales, expenses, affiliates, professional development, and expanding their online presence. Regularly reviewing and adjusting these goals keeps the coaching business on a path towards success.

4 - Professional Development

Online coaches can plan their ongoing education and development using a planner. This includes scheduling time for reading (or using the Bibliophile Reading Log), attending webinars or workshops, and networking. As you start planning you’ll find that staying up-to-date with industry trends and continuously improving your skills contribute to your overall long-term success as an online coach.

5 - Curating Your Space

As a coach, the environment and space you keep directly impact the energy you carry into the work you do, including your content creation and coaching sessions. A planner is not only a symbol of how you manage your time and energy, it is also a part of the aesthetic you keep in your workspace. I love having beautiful planners, notebooks, pictures, and planning sheets on my desk that represent the luxe feel I desire to infuse into my own brand identity as a coach.

If you are a higher-ticket coach, curating a coaching planning aesthetic that you can share with your clients, can be as simple as opting for more high-end, luxurious supplies – planners included. These are small things that potential clients will recognize and appreciate.

When you start planning, you can print your beautifully crafted planning sheets and add them to your luxury Louis Vuitton planner. How you plan is how you do everything so if you want to attract high-end clients, be seen as a top-tier coach or live a luxe lifestyle why not create a planning aesthetic that represents that level of excellence and empowers you to go after your dreams in style.

Thoughts & Things

Incorporating these elements into a planner creates a comprehensive roadmap for online coaches, that promotes organization, productivity, efficiency, and a clear path toward their goals.

Remember, when you start planning, your planners are not just for you as the coach to record and monitor the progress of your business and clients. You can share your planning systems and routines with your clients so that they can get closer to the results and outcomes they want in their life. You can share with them how to use a planner to track milestones, achievements, and challenges as they go through your courses and coaching programs.

This not only elevates the client-coach experience but it personalizes their work with you, allowing you to adapt your coaching strategies to meet the evolving needs of your students and making it easier for you to be an effective coach.

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