Ready for a planner that can really help you plan, package, promote, and profit from your online business?


The WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner

Everything you need to plan to profit from your online coaching and course creation business!

Exploding with powerful questions, prompts, strategies, and bonus business sheets that will keep you organized, focused, motivated, and profitable for the coming year.

Here is what you get inside of the 2021 WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner:
  • Year in Review Sheet
  • 2021 Calendar Sheet
  • Money Milestone Sheets
  • Business + Life Goal Sheets
  • Business Plan Sheet
  • 6-Figure Business Idea Workbook
  • Customer Clarity Sheets
  • Brand Checklist
  • Brand Action Plan
  • Brand Board Template Kit
  • Instagram Design Plan
  • Media Kit Planner
  • Media Kit Canva Template
  • Dream Collab Pitch Plan
  • Product Goals Sheet
  • Product Price Sheet
  • Priced 2 Profit Masterclass
  • Blog Audit Plan
  • WomanpreneuHER Business Blueprint
  • Pinterest Audit Plan
  • Instagram Audit Plan
  • Email Audit Plan
  • 6-Figure Platforms Checklist
  • Password Tracker
  • Marketing Strategy Planner Sheet
  • Content Categories Planner Sheet
  • Weekly Content Planner
  • Monthly Content Planner
  • Blog Post Brainstorm Sheet
  • Blog Post Plan Sheet
  • Content Upgrade Tracker
  • Social Media Ideas
  • Social Media Planning Sheet
  • Social Media Scheduler
  • Content Repurposing Plan
  • Campaign Plan Sheet
  • Life Goals Sheet
  • Daily Planner Sheet
  • Daily Reflection Sheet
  • Weekly Planner Sheet
  • Pinterest Pin Plan
  • Pinterest Growth Tracker
  • Facebook Promo Plan
  • Facebook Post Plan
  • FB Group Posting Schedule
  • Instagram Promo Plan
  • Instagram Post Plan
  • Instagram Stories Plan
  • Hashtag Manager Sheet
  • YouTube Video Plan
  • Live Stream Plan
  • Holiday Marketing Plan
  • Business Stats Tracker
  • Monthly Stats Tracker
  • Monthly Reflection Sheet
  • Yearly Stats Tracker
  • Welcome Email Funnel Plan
  • Simple Email Funnel Plan
  • Sales Funnel Prep Plan
  • 5 Week Launch Plan
  • Launch Plan Sheet
  • Product Launch Tracker Sheet
  • Webinar Promo Plan
  • Affiliate Partner Sheet
  • Affiliate Tracker Sheet
  • Daily Profit Tracker
  • Weekly Profit Tracker
  • Yearly Profit Tracker

You know that planning is the key to building your profitable online business…

but maybe you get stuck with mapping out your goals, organizing all the steps, and keeping track of your progress.

There are 3 main roadblocks that stand in the way of people who want to build a wildly successful business online.

The problem is…

There are so many steps involved in getting your business up and running that it can be completely overwhelming.
Knowing what to do, when to do it and in what order is hard... not everyone is a natural-born planner.
Even once you build your business, it's incredibly challenging to figure out how to execute and take action on your goals.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t worry, I’ve got some REALLY GREAT NEWS for you!

Based on my 6-Pillar $100K Roadmap, The WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner is the most comprehensive planner for online coaches and course creators who want to position themselves to be productive and profitable.

What’s included in the WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner?



It’s not enough to start a business just because you like it – That’s a hobby. If you’re going to start a real business, make sure that business has the potential to make you money. Whether you want to start a coaching business, create courses, or sell services, you need to discover your own profitable passion. This guide will help you do just that! (Value $97)



First impressions matter and creating a beautiful and recognizable brand can create an emotional connection and instantly multiply the perceived value of your products and services. Ready to go from amateur to amazing? I put together templates that can be used for free in CANVA, which can be used to pull together your brand book and media kit. (Value $47)



How you price your signature products and services can have a massive impact on your sales. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a massive anxiety attack as well. Learn how to price your products like a BOSS and position your brand to get paid a premium, without putting crazy expectations on you and your content, or feeling like you are not getting paid your worth! (Value $197)



You’re finally ready to build, brand, and make bank with that business of yours, but there’s only one problem…You have no clue what to do next? Well, the WomanpreneuHER’s Business Blueprint is here, honey! YES, I’M SHARING THE OVER 300+ STEPS YOU CAN SWIPE TO BUILD, BRAND, AND MONETIZE YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS! (Value $97)

Why do I even need a planner for my business?

Great question! The difference between creating an epic business and a total bust comes down to planning with a purpose.

Most people spend a lot of time on their business but don’t actually make money from it. If you’re serious about making money from your coaching or course creation business, you want to have a clear and cohesive plan.

The sooner you sit down to create a detailed plan for your online business, the sooner you’re going to get PAID!

Here is what this planner can do for you!


If you feel like your dreams are always beyond your reach, it might be because you have never had a plan to reach them. Once a realistic plan is in place, you will be amazed at how achievable your dreams can be.


It will help you determine exactly what kind of business you want and who you need to become in order to accomplish your goals.


A plan allows you to not only figure out how you will get there, but also gives you a way to determine how far you have come and how much more you have left to go.


Planning out your $100K year gives you control. When you have a plan, you can make confident choices and informed decisions, rather than leaving things up to chance.


You may not be able to see yourself living your 6-figure future unless you plan how you will be able to get there. A plan not only makes it possible, it makes it real.


A plan gives you the freedom to script out exactly what you would want your ideal life look like, without having to explain, justify or get permission from anyone else.

Nobody plans to fail; they simply fail to plan and this is why this monthly action plan is so important to the future of your business.  It’s time to focus on the things that matter and get those ideas out of your head and broken down into bite-sized goals that empower you to take action.


Applause For Andrea Bolder – WU Creator + Coach

You never fail to bring it! I've purchased multiple courses from you over the years and I swear the amount of value you give is beyond anything I've seen. You are truly a gem and I can't wait to grab whatever it is you launch next. Thank you for being a resource I can always count on.

Brea Price

I've been working with Andrea for years and I have to say she has become one of my favorite people online. I highly recommend Andrea as a mentor, coach and consultant, and will stand behind her as a cheerleader to anyone that is ever considering working with her. Keep in mind, she did win a Gold Medal in the Olympics, and she didn't get there by sitting on the sidelines watching. So let her be your Coach and help you accomplish Gold in your business!

Nicole S. Cooper

I want to first say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to educate me!! I just had to tell you I appreciate you and you have completely change my way of thinking when it comes to marketing!

Keshonda Reed

Fiercely dedicated and focused, Andrea always shows up to win!

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympian & Greatest Female Athlete EVER!Co Founder, Coffee Inc

Andrea, is a Godsend. I have truly found MY coach

Andrea Cook

I meet a lot of people in this industry who say they can deliver results...but NONE delivers such winning content and business-altering strategies like Andrea. If you want to win in your business, she's the one who can show you how.

Robin Marks

Andrea is a kick-butt marketer that has built a killer online brand around the principles of winning. The “gold medal marketer” and coach, truly is a woman we all need to watch out for.

Layla Black

Andrea, I just want to say you are a phenomenal woman. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and having a true passion to want help others.

Alexandra McCormick

Andrea is the epitome of success. Everything she does, she does with excellence. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her coaching students and clients show up as their best selves. With Andrea by your side, there is no way you can lose.

Larry Beacham

Andrea is one of the rare 10% of the population that is going to succeed at whatever they do. What’s her secret? She is willing to do what everyone is not willing to do, the work. Whether it’s becoming a Gold Medal Olympic winner or a successful business woman, Andrea has the stuff that champions are made of. I have worked with her both personally and professionally and the results are always the same…EXCELLENCE!!!

Dr. Will Moreland, America’s #1 Leadership Life Coach

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to help me on my success journey!

Shamair Faison

Transformational, vision-fueled, strategic and results-driven. Just a few words that describe this powerhouse coach. If results is what you want, Andrea will be the game-changer your brand and business needs to win, and win big.

Byron Davis, Founder of Paid To Be You

I've been following you for some time and you are taking the world by storm. Thank you for sharing so much value. It truly is life-changing.

Felicia Starks

You are everywhere and the simple techniques and strategies I've learned from you are amazing. It's inspired me to be more social with my fans. And it's working!

Jean Baylor, Chart-Topping Singer & Songwriter of Zhane

I’ve known Andrea for the past couple of years and I just love her winning spirit. The way she is able to connect with people is truly amazing. She always keeps it real and is passionate about mentoring you toward the success you deserve.

Donna Valdes, Co-Founder Real Savvy Success

Imagine how it would feel to have complete clarity on what you needed to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to hit your profit goals?

People have paid THOUSANDS of dollars to get the information and tools you’ll find in this planner and I could easily charge $197 for this and it would still be an excellent value for you. And while I feel confident that once you’ve gotten your hands on this planner, you’ll have the resources you need to slay your goals…

I also know that there are a lot of planners out there that promise to make you more productive, even more profitable, but fall short in helping you follow through on those goals. The WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner goes beyond basic planning pages to equip you with actionable worksheets and activities that turn your ideas into income.

And since I know you ready to go from dreaming to doing, I’m going to make the WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner IRRESISTABLE!

Instead of charging FULL PRICE, I’m going to practically give it to you

for $27


When you purchase The WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner today, you will get my 2021 WomanpreneuHER 100 Days of Money Motivational + Journal for FREE!



How you think and feel about money is even more important than how you earn it. But, if you don’t think and feel wealthy, then you’ll never get to that point. So, you need to think rich, feel rich, and take rich actions to achieve the lifestyle you want and to support the causes (and people) you care about. Want to make more money? The WomanpreneuHER 100 Days of Money Workbook + Journal is for YOU!! (Value $97)

Total Value = $497

Today’s PRICE = $27


Have Questions? I’ve got answers for you!

When do I get access to everything?

The 2021 WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner is a digitally delivered product available for immediate download. After you securely check out with your PayPal or credit card, you’ll receive a confirmation of your purchase along with a download link to your planner. Inside of the planner, you will see call-to-action links that when clicked will give you immediate access to your bonus tools, templates, and resources.  The planner is FILLABLE, meaning you can type right in your planner using a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat. You can also print your planner at home or at a print shop if you choose, opting to print the entire planner at once, or individual pages as needed.

I've purchased planners before, how is the WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner different?

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Why is the WomanpreneuHER Profit Planner only $27?

As with every product I sell, my goal is to give you the best experience you’ve ever had! That includes providing insane value at a no-brainer price. I want you to achieve your goals – and if you need any further help along the way, I’ll be there to help you!

Can I use this planner if I don't have a business yet?

Don’t worry! This planner is specifically for bloggers, online coaches, course creators, and online entrepreneurs, but even if you haven’t started your business yet, we provide you with tools and resources to help you validate your idea, research your market, and find your 6-figure idea.  And once you know what business to launch,  you can use the planner to map out your plan and execute your goals.

Do I need special programs or software to use this planner?

To download the planner you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

Any spreadsheets provided inside of the planner are shared via Google Spreadsheets and can be downloaded or copied to your Google Drive.

All the templates I provide use Canva, which is a simple, easy to use, and free graphic design platform. Some design elements (e.g. photos) may require purchase if you want to use them exactly as they’ve been designed. The templates work best with the Canva Pro version.

Do you offer refunds?

No! Because of the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.