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“I want to first say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to educate me!! I just had to tell you I appreciate you and you have completely change my way of thinking when it comes to marketing! You are a Godsend. I have truly found MY coach!”

Andrea Cook

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And then… Let’s not forget the HUNDREDS of online coaches, consultants, creatives and course creators who’ve gotten results with my premium trainings. Here’s just a few kind words from the women inside of the WomanpreneuHER community!
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I meet a lot of people in this industry who say they can deliver results...but NONE delivers such winning content and business-altering strategies like Andrea. If you want to win in your business, she's the one who can show you how.

Robin Marks

Andrea, I just want to say you are a phenomenal woman. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and having a true passion to want help others.

Alexandra McCormick

Andrea is the epitome of success. Everything she does, she does with excellence. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her coaching students and clients show up as their best selves. With Andrea by your side, there is no way you can lose.

Larry Beacham

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to help me on my success journey!

Shamair Faison

Transformational, vision-fueled, strategic and results-driven. Just a few words that describe this powerhouse coach. If results is what you want, Andrea will be the game-changer your brand and business needs to win, and win big.

Byron Davis, Founder of Paid To Be You

“Fiercely dedicated and focused, Andrea always shows up to win!”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympian

“You are everywhere and the simple techniques and strategies I've learned from you are amazing. It's inspired me to be more social with my fans. And it's working!”

Jean BaylorLead Singer, Zhané & The Balyor Project

“Andrea is a kick-butt marketer that has built a killer online brand around the principles of winning. The “gold medal marketer” and coach, truly is a woman we all need to watch out for.”

Layla BlackInterior Decorator

“Andrea is rich with knowleedge and generous with sharing resources. Additionally, women in her community are supportive and willing to share the wisdom!”

Shelly Gates

“I've been working with Andrea for years and I have to say she has become one of my favorite people online. I highly recommend Andrea as a mentor, coach and consultant, and will stand behind her as a cheerleader to anyone that is ever considering working with her. Keep in mind, she did win a Gold Medal in the Olympics, and she didn't get there by sitting on the sidelines watching. So let her be your Coach and help you accomplish Gold in your business!”

Nicole S.

“I’ve known Andrea for the past couple of years and I just love her winning spirit. The way she is able to connect with people is truly amazing. She always keeps it real and is passionate about mentoring you toward the success you deserve.”

Donna ValdesCo-Founder Real Savvy Success