welcome to: the low ticket lifeline workshop

How I went from ZERO to $10K passive income months with low-ticket offers and how you can do it too!

there are women making money everywhere online, so why is it that you’re still NO closer to making the passive income you’ve been dreaming about in your business?

Building a biz that pays the bills can feel like ALL hustle and no gains. I was there once, wondering if my online business and I would survive!

Spoiler alert: WE DID…but I have a confession…

This “I can do anything” world-class athlete turned biotech consultant turned online business owner was a maaaajor skeptic…

My first year in business I was making less than $60 per month. (Did I really just give up a 6-figure paycheck for $60 a month?) Now…I run a multiple six-figure business selling tiny digital products and online courses….passively!

So, if you’re skeptical about your ability to make money online or holding space in the online world, I’m here to tell you it’s time and I’m here to help ya!

Building a business online absolutely changed my life and now, I’m giving you all the tools I’ve learned over the last 10 years so you can turn your own ideas into income and change your life too!

“My first 2 launches were a total bust! But with your guidance and the simple strategies you teach in WomanpreneuHER University I was able to fill in the missing pieces. You share every single step at the right time and in the right order and it was exactly what I needed to get unstuck. My last "passive" launch ended up raking in almost $20,000 in the first 4 days. I just could not have done it without you.”

Michelle H.