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The truth is you probably don’t need 100 ways to get customers and clients into your courses and coaching programs. You really only need to find a few that work best for you and then create a system that converts your fans, followers, and new subscribers into sales!


01. Lead Magnets

Freebies, Freemiums, Bribes, Opt-in Incentives...No matter what you call them, when done right, the "perfect freebie" will atrract your ideal target audience and explode your email list. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your paid offers.

02. Share Testimonials

One of the biggest mistakes online coaches make is not leveraging the testimonials, love notes and praise they have received from their community and customers. Many times, it's not what you say, but what a former customer or client has said that gives others the confidence to invest in you. So, by sharing your wins (and the wins of the people you've helped) on a regular basis, your community knows that they can trust you to deliver the results they desire.

03. Create a Facebook Group

It's important to create a community around your business; a safe place where your audience can connect, ask questions and tap into your brand culture. Creating a group is a game-changer and it's personally added over $50K to my bottom line.

04. Go Live on Facebook

So, speaking of FB, going live allows you to create a personal connection with the people inside of your community. This is where you can share stories and build your authority by providing reuslts driven content. People buy from people they know, like and trust and video is one of the best and easiest ways to engage your group and build rapport.

05. Create Reels on Instagram

The Instagram Reels feature is a quick, fast-paced way to produce content… just like TikTok. And for business owners, Instagram Reels is the best thing to hit the app since they added Stories. I think of Reels as 15 (30) second micro-commercials that can be edited together rather than recorded in real time like on Stories and because this is a new feature, anyone creating Reels on a regular basis is bound to see viral growth. So, if you are not using Reels yet, start incorporating Instagram Reels into your current content strategy as a way to establish yourself as an authority and leader in your industry.

06. Go Live on Instagram

News Flash!! Instagram is not just an photo-sharing app! And in addtion to Reels and IGTV, going live inside of Instagram has also increased my visibility in the algorithm, resulted in more DM’s, and more people on my email list. It’s for this reason that I believe that EVERY business owner should use the Live feature to show up consistently and demonstrate who they are, what they do, and how they can help their audience.

07. Create content for IGTV!

It can be so easy to get intimidated to show up on social media, especially when it means going live. So if you are not quite ready to show up live online, but want to take advanatge of the "video is everythng culture" you can pre-record and then upload your video content to IGTV. Don't let Reels or Lives derail you from showing up. Get it perfect behind the scenes, then share your bit of content perfection in an IGTV!

08. Do Long Form Blog Posts

Blogging is NOT dead! Yes, micro-blogging platforms like Facebook and Instagram have changed how information in consumed, but there's need for both. Social media platforms aren't made for long posts, but blogs are best suited to share thoughtfully curated information in the fullest way. And when people are Googling for answers, they are more than likely going to be landing on a blog post or YouTube video. So are blog posts dead...Nah!

09. Connect in the Comments

People want to know you are real. It can't be just posting and no participation. Engage in real conversations with the people inside of your communities by commenting back on their posts. You get higher engagement when people know you are genuinely there to help them rather than flood their social media feeds with post after post about how awesome your business is. Remember, be relateable!

10. Build Rapport by Sharing Bits About Your Real Life

Show people who you are behind the business. You can talk about who you are without talking about what you do! People are going to be drawn to your personality, your vibe, your well as common interests. Are you a mom? Do you like to travel? Maybe you are struggling with your weight? or have an obsession with luxury handbags! Whatever it is, create opportunities to share the real you. That is what will attract clients and customers to your business!

11. Pin It To Pinterest

Pinterest is not just my primary source of inspiration, it is my primary source of income! Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest! Why? Because I use it to cross-promote every single piece of content I create. Published a blog post? I pin it to Pinterest. Upload a video on YouTube? I pin it to Pinterest. Share an image on IG? I pin it to Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that’s often overlooked, but it has massive potential to help you grow your businsess, regardless of the niche or industry you’re in and hands down it's one of the most powerful ways to get (FREE!) advertising for your business.

12. Talk About Trending Topics

Keep your ears to the pavement. Knowing what's going on now is really important to staying top of mind. Whether it's a new book, a social media trend or a Tik Tok dance, if you can show that you are knowledegable about what's going on now, you can share your thoughts and perspectives from a unique point of view. This helps you establish authority and opens up opportunities for interesting conversations.

13. Create Tiny Offers

One of the best ways to attract buying customers is with bite sized, low ticket offers. And, in my opinion, LOW TICKET products are the KEY to selling more of your HIGH TICKET products and programs. Want to learn how I create low-priced offers that serve my audience and drive passive income into my business?

14. Launch a Flash Sale!

Another way to encourage people to buy is to create a "Limited Time To Enroll" offer such as a Flash Sale where you sell your product or program at a deep discount for a few hours. Nothing brings new customers and clients like a deep discount!

15. Send a DM to new Followers

Never underestimate the power of a personal message saying hello to a new follower. If you take the time to connect one-on-one, form relationships, and build trust by sending DMs, those followers will become a steady flow of customers. This can be a short and simple note OR you could choose to be *extra* and send a voice message or video!

16. SEO

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, refers to the steps you can take to get your blog posts, videos and images to show up near the top of search engines like Google, YouTube and Pinterest when someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase. SEO, when done right can be a super sexy strategy that drives traffic to your blog and subscribers to your email list like whoa!

17. Launch a Podcast

It’s super easy and it is a powerful lead magnet that can be used to attract your target audience, provide an evergreen stream of quality leads and customers!

18. 30 Minute Discovery Sessions

Discovery calls are a great way to get in front of your ideal customer one on one and talk out their challenges. If you show that you are capable of solving someone's problem quickly, this makes it easier for them to choose you when the time comes for them to decide if they want to take the next step with you as their coach.

19. Offer a Beta Course or Coaching Program

With a beta program you have a better opportunity to upsell your beta clients into paid clients. Working with beta clients is also helpful when you want to validate your offer especially if you have never launched that offer before. It’s also a way to get social proof in the form of testimonials and feedback in exchange for offering your coaching program or course for FREE or at a discounted price.

20. Put Together a Bundle Sale

Who doesn't love a bundle! Launch a bundle sale where you put together a unique collection of courses that you've never offered before. For instance, if you were to sell each course or product included in the bundle individually, it may cost $1000, but you are giving people the opportunity to grab everything in this bundle for say $97 or $47. Now, if you tell me I can get something that costs $1000 for $97, I’m gonna jump all over it.

21. Add a Tripwire To Your Sales Funnel

Another way to get customers quickly is to sell your low ticket offers through a One Time Offer (OTO) or Tripwire sales funnel. This is my favorite way to attract new customers because it’s passive. You set it up once and watch the money come in! #passiveincome

22. Create an EZtree or LinkTree

If you do not know what an EZtree or LinkTree is (or looks like), check out the URL of some of your favorite influencers and coaches on Instagram. It is basically a customizable website page that lists your featured content, courses and lead magnets and it's a great way to convert social media followers into buyers. If you want to check out my customized link tree, hop on my IG @andreabolder and click the link in the bio!

23. Offer a Scholarship

Whether it’s free access to one of your programs or a monetary gift to help someone grow their business, offering a scholarship or scholarship opportunity, is a great way to attract more customers and clients!

24. Celebrate Your Followers' Birthdays!

One of the best Facebook features is the notification you get when your friends and followers have birthdays! Take the time to show your appreciation to your fans. Sometimes just dropping in to say happy birthday can lead to you reconnecting with a prospect or gaining visibility in a way that leads to unexpected revenue!

25. Host a Live Inside of Another FB Group

With the blessing of the FB Group Admin, you can host a live or training in a FB group that has a community full of your target audience. This will help you expand your reach and get in front of new customers and clients you would normally not have access to.

26. Power up Your People

Give your paid students or members the power to host lives in your FB group and share their products and services. By helping the newbies or little guys in your community you are giving them the opportunity to hone their skills and accelerate their success. Giving others the space to shine and sharing the spotlight with others let’s your prospects know that you are genuinely there to help everyone win.

27. Co-Host a Webinar

You could do a co-webinar where you and someone else are doing a webinar together, getting in front of each other's audience and promoting your products and services.

28. Build an Army of Affiliates

Create referral relationships with existing students, influencers or peers who are willing to promote your products in exchange for a commission or percentage of each sale they make.

29. Find referral Partner

Similar to an affiliate you can find a referral partner where you recommend each other’s products in exchange for a referral fee for each sale made.

30. Instagram Stories

The key to using Instagram stories to get more customers and clients is to use them as a way to boost your engagement! Use stickers for your audience to vote on a poll, answer or ask a question, or send you a DM. The more you encourage them to respond, the quicker you'll see sales. You can also use stories to share tips or insights that help your audience get to know you better, learn more about what you do, or how your business serves them.

31. Facebook Stories

If you are doing IG Stories you should be doing FB Stories. The audience that finds you in your FB Stories will be different than the potential customers and clients that find you on IG. You can share testimonials, videos and slides with a call to action that invites people to learn more about what you do.

32. Build Your Email List!

Your email list is EVERYTHING! And, most of your sales will come NOT through social media, but from your sales funnels and launches!

33. Launch a Challenge

You can run a 3-day, 4-day or 14-day challenge any time you want to grab the attention of your audience, grow your email list and convert participants into customers. A 5-day challenge tends to be the most popular – long enough to provide actionable content but short enough to keep your audience’s attention.

34. Chat it up on Clubhouse

What draws me to the Clubhouse app is the potential to build an engaged community and grow your influence. By creating rooms on topics you’re passionate about and providing valuable conversations, you can quickly establish yourself as an industry expert. Users can check out your profile and follow you. Besides building a community of potential customers, you can also grow your business by networking on the app. Engage with other entrepreneurs and influencers to develop invaluable business relationships that can turn into collaborations, partnerships and exposure.

35. Know When To Listen!

Yes you want to close that $5k coaching package but sometimes the sale comes with knowing how to listen. Skip the pitch and the scripts and be open to listening so your prospects know you feel them, hear them, understand them and see them!!

36. Host a Workshop or Webinar

Webinars are one of the best ways to get in front of and talk to your audience on a regular basis. I know, I know, we love to attend them but hosting them - OMG now that’s another story. But, here’s the deal. Love them or hate them, webinars are conversion machines.

37. Launch a Giveaway in Your FB Group

This is one of the best and most exciting ways to grow your community FAST and convert new members into customers. Every few months I host the Wealthy WomanpreneuHER Giveaway in the FB group that aligns with a product launch. Not only does it grow my FB group, it attracts hundreds of new people to my business which ultimately results in an increase in sales.

38. Participate in a Virtual Summit

Invite other influencers to teach a free conference online or accept an invitiation to particiapte in someone else's event. The last time I did a virtual summit I gained like 50 subscribers a day for 7 days. Now, I have these people on my email list that may have never found me otherwise. I can send them emails or direct them to my FB group and it drives more traffic to my biz which results in more sales. Cha-Ching.

39. Read a Book!

Read a book and share your biggest takeaways in a blog post, YouTube video or live. You can even do an email or video series sharing your thoughts and perspectives on a topic. As long as it is relevant to your target audience. It’s a great way to establish authority in your niche and engage more meaningful conversations with your community.

40. Network With Influencers

When you make connections with other influencers, seek out opportunities to create joint venture relationships where you can sell to each others audiences. You can share your "associations" with these major players on social media for an extra boost of credibility and to get more eyeballs on your brand.

41. Offer Your Course For Free

Donate your products and coaching programs to those in need. Not only is it rewarding but it opens up the door to other paid opportunities. When you care about others, people notice.

42. Narrow Your Niche

When you can position yourself as a specialist you are more likely to attract the type of paying customers and clients you want in your courses and coaching programs. For example, I have a student that niched down to creating coaching programs for plant-curious women who are transitioning to a more plant based lifestyle. She was able to position herself as a specialist in this area and her business has been rapidly growing ever since.

43. Let People See YOU Winning

Everyone loves a winner. Share your wins, brag on yourself from time to time and let people know you are out here changing lives and making money doing it. When people see you winning, they want to be a part of your world and this energy will attract more clients and customers, having a positive impact on your income.

44. Monthly Mastermind

Create a monthly mastermind with a select group of your peers who are aligned with a common goal to help each other grow their businesses. These connections will undoubtedly lead to more selling opportunities.

45. Speak at Live Events

Either host your own event or pitch yourself to be a speaker at a live event. Live events give you the opportunity to network, grow your audience and sell from the stage!

46. Champion a Cause To Attract More Customers

People love to suipport a great cause and when you can align yourself with a mission or cause bigger than yourself, one that truly resonates with your audiience, you can integrate that cause into your brand message. You can donate a protion of your sales to your organizaton or charity of choice.

47. Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is NOT just for job seekers and corporate America! If you want to connect with more customers, this unlikely marketing platform should be your new best friend. When you know how to create content and posts around your course or coaching program that appeals to someone in the professional space, you'll be able to attract buying customers like hotcakes.

48. IG Highlights

Create highlights on Instagram that showcase your business and brand (i.e. Testimonials, Product Reviews, Tips, etc.). Not only can you grab the link to that highlight and share it on Facebook you can also shae it in your email sequence.

49. Upsell Existing Customers

It's easier to get an existing customer to make another purchase than it is to get someome who's never bought from you to buy for the first time. Create upsells, downsells or cross-sells for your existing clients. People who have already bought from you, are more likely to buy again (especially if you are giving them the results they need!)

50. Add CTAs to your Appointment Calendar

When setting up your calendar for discovery calls or to schedule appointments, add a couple of testimonials that show how you were able to get your clients and customers results. We already know how powerful social proof is, so bake it into your Calendly or Acuity Scheduling page.

51. Create Viral Content

When you have a killer content strategy that consistently attracts, engages and connects you to your ideal audience, you are bound to bring in more customers and clients. My viral content lands me sales every single day. Get access to my 5C Viral Content Formula Here!!!!

52. Reply To Every Email

Respond, and respond in a timely manner. Alot of times potential students will reach out just to see how responsive you are. As a business owner it is important to let people know they can count on you to show up and answer their questions! Whenever you get an email, or someone asks you a question, reply!! It could be your next customer!

53. Optimize Your Social Media Bios

Whether you are on IG, FB, YouTube or Pintresest, optimizing your bio by adding targeted keywords and links will help people take the next step with you. Social media scrollers love to click around. Make it easy for them with an attention-grabbing bio and link that drives people to your FB groups, freebies and sales pages.

54. Ask For The Sale!

Getting more customers and clients is sometimes as easy as asking your audience to buy! Don't be afraid to make an offer! If you don't...someone else is gonna snatch up YOUR clients. When you see people who need the solutions you are capable of providing, ask them if they want your help. You will be surprised by how many people are waiting to raise their hand and say YES, I'm ready to take the next step with you!

55. Create FAQs on Your Sales Pages

Making a big purchase decision can be stressful and most people just want assurance that they are making the right decision. Adding a FAQs section to your website and sales pages makes it easy for prospects to get the answers they need to take the next step.

56. Slay Your Sales Funnels

The best sales funnels lead naturally from one product to the next and they don't have to be complicated to create cash! You can create $100K year with a sales funnel that flows that’s as simple as this.

57. Look For Media Opportunities

Put Together Your Press Kit and seek opportunities with local outlets or popular publications in your niche to get your brand in front of the masses. This builds both authority, credibility and social proof.

58. Write a Book!

I have a good friend and business partner that has written over 50+ books and self-published all of them on Amazon. Not only does it bring in passive income, it builds a ton of authority and is a great way to drive people into your sales funnels.

59. Pitch To Be a Guest on a Podcast

You may not want to host your own podcast but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other people’s podcasts to grow your business. Join the Facebook groups, emal lists and online communities of people who have Podcasts you'd love to be featuered on! Offering to speak on other people's platforms can rapidly expand your reach. And, while you are giving their audience value, you are getting exposure and building awareness for your own brand.

60. Coach in Someone Else's Coaching Program

If the right situation arises, offer to be a featured coach inside of someone else's membership site or coaching program. It's a great opportunity to meet people and hone you skills as a coach. Plus, if people enjoy your coaching style, they will seek you out and want to work with you in the future!

61. Network In Other People's Programs

When you invest in courses and coaching programs you also have the opportunity to connect with the other students inside of a FB group or forum. Sometimes the biggest ROI is not in the lesson you learn in the course, but in the level of people you meet and the collaborations you create.

62. Expand Your Circle

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and meet people who can expand your horizons. If you are the smartest one in your circle, you need to get you a new circle.

63. Show Them The Money!

Show your financial results, show stats of your sales, give people a glimpse into the lifestyle you've created as a result of your success. Showing the fruits of your hard work helps you attract clients and customers.

64. Do What Works

If you've mastered a strategy that gets you proven results, stick to it. It may not be exciting to do the same things over and over again in your business, but if you are getting customers by doing XYZ...keep doing XYZ! Stop always trying to reinvent the wheel.

65. Offer Testimonials To Other Industry Leaders

Be willing to priase and uplift those who make you a better entrepreneur or person. When you give a testimonial or share a positive experience you had with a coach or product, people will start reaching out to you to! If you want great clients, customers and students? Be a great client, customer and student!


Fear of missing out is real! When people see other people taking action or getting results, they automatically think, "that should or could be me". So when you get new customers or someone new joins your membership site, business opportunity or program, give them a public shoutout and celebratre them for taking the next step or investing in themselves!

67. Do Solo Ads

Don't have an email list of your own? Run a solo ad! A solo ad is an ad where you pay a person to promote your product to their e-mail list.

68. Create Amazing Products

Nothing speaks louder than a course that delivers on it's promise. Create products and programs that solve a problem and satisfy a need. The better you are at helping your students get results quickly, the more money you will make. PERIOD.

70. Make Your Products Pretty

You want to make a product that LOOKS SO GOOD that it practically sells itself! If you want the confidence to promote beautifully branded products that you know will fly off the shelves like hotcakes...

71. Create How To Posts

Show your audience how to get it done! Be it a blog post, tech tutorial or audio, if you can demonstrate how to get something done, you will also have clients and customers lining up to work with you!

72. Run Paid Ads

If you are in a paid ads or promoted posts. The fastest way to build your audience is to pay for it. But buyer beware. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose your coins! If you have the budget, and don’t mind losing some money to make some money, look into paid ads on social media. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and even Pinterest Promoted Pins are a great way to get more exposure. These are highly-targeted ads that put your blog post or product offering right in the middle of your audience’s feeds.

73. Repurpose, Refresh or Remix Older Products

Have products that you are not currently selling but can still provide value to your audience? Repackage those products and sell it as a new product or program. Sometimes putting a new face on an old product is all you have to do to bring in a flood of new customers.

74. Interview Influencers

Interview influencers in your field (or from niches similar to yours). Showcase them in a blog post, on a Podcast, Zoom call, Masterclass or IG Live. The important part is that you are creating amazing content that can be shared not only with your audience but with someone else’s audience as well, and you’ll be receiving a virtual stamp of approval from someone all those people trust. It's a great way for both you and your guest to gain more visibility, traffic and customers. #winwin

75. Give a Gift

Whether it's a gift card, a coupon, t-shirt, flowers or a box of chocolates, gifts go a long way in showing people you care. Sending a small present to your best community members will help you stay top of mind. People will also remember how thoughtful you were and when it's time to make a referral your name will be the first they recommend.

76. Create a Content Upgrades

By far, content upgrades, are the best way to drive traffic to your biz, get more folks on your list and make a great impression online. What is a content upgrade exactly? It is a download that you offer people in exchange for their e-mail address. It’s like a freebie or a lead magnet but it is offered within your blog post.

77. Optimize Your Website To Convert

There are about 8 places on your website that should feature your customer attracting lead magnets. Make sure you have strategically placed CTAs that encourage visitors to join your email list.

78. Offer a FREE Resource Library

Let’s talk about what I believe is the most powerful way to get noticed online and drive massive traffic. The resource library! Because a resource library is a really high-value opt-in, something super unique that people can’t find anywhere else, people are more inclined to want to sign up and get that. And if your resource library is awesome, people are going to share it with their own friends and followers driving more traffic and customers your way. You can check out my resource library for ideas on how to set yours up and what to offer.

79. Use The Invoice Insert

When shipping physical products, add a note to your package promoting a popular product or service. If you’re in the digital products game, add a link to additional products on every invoice and receipt.

80. Add a Custom CTA To Your Website's 404 Page

Whenever someone makes a mistake with your link (or tries to access something that’s no longer there) they’ll see an error page - also referred to as a 404 page. Take advantage of that real estate, and add a link or opt-in box that encourages them to sign up to your list. If you really want to go for the sales, turn it into a mini sales page!

81. Create a Quiz

Quizzes are great because they not only help grow your list but they also help promote your products and shows people what you can do. You can use a tool like Qzzr to do this.

83. Joint Ventures

Seek out joint venture partnerships and do an exchange: they send an email to their list about your opt-in offer, and you send an email to your list about theirs. You both grow your lists and customers in the process!

84. Use SMS Text To Sell

SMS marketing is a really effective technique often used by larger businesses, but there’s no reason smaller brands can’t get in on the action too. Using tools like Textiful allows people to sign up via text message and this strategy seems to work particularly well when you’re hosting an event (online or off). SMS text have a high conversion rate because people may not check their email everyday but they will check their text messages!

85. Ask Your Audience

Surveying your community can be a hugely valuable exercise. It can help you figure out exactly what struggles your audience is experiencing, and it helps you hone your services and content marketing. AirTable, Survey Monkey, Typeform and Google Forms are all tools you can use for creating and sending simple, well-designed surveys. When you are clear about what your audience wants, you can create products and service you know they will buy.

86. Add Product Links To Your Navigation Menu

Unless a visitor has been to your site multiple times before, they will navigate your content through the main menu bar. Make the most of all those incoming clicks, and add links to your main lead generation and product pages.

87. Dance For Dollars...

On Tik Tok of course. Now the thought of recording yourself doing silly dance challenges may make you cringe, but people go where the action is and that includes your potential customers.

88. Improve Your Brand Experience

Think about how many THOUSANDS of online businesses do the exact same thing. What separates me from every other business is how I create my products, the vision behind what I create, how I teach and share information, and the stories behind who I am, why I do what I do and what’s led me to the place I am now. Personal brands are not optional, because if you’re not building your brand you’re letting other people define your brand for you. Those who really make the effort to manage and grow their brands in addition to growing their business become the most successful.

89. Add a Hello Bar

Also called an Alert Bar, the Hello Bar is a cool notification bar plugin that you can use to push visitors towards a variety of actions including a call to action to buy your products or sign up for your services!

90. Host a Local Meetup

Host a local meetup where you share value first then pitch your products and services throughout the event.

93. Video CTAs

Video is not going anywhere and it is a powerful medium to getting people to engage with your brand. Youtube, Facebook lives, Instagram videos are all great tools for building your following. If you are uploading videos to Youtube you can add clickable annotations to your clips and use that space to send viewers back to your product page. If annotations aren’t available to you, a simple “go here to buy my product ….” will do!

94. Add Credibility

In addition to killer testimonials and subscriber counts, putting a spotlight on your industry awards, press mentions, etc., can really help you get sales and subscribers.

95. Sell It In The Post Script (P.S.)

We send emails all the time, so why not add a link to your product or service form to your email signature or P.S.? This way, every time you land in someone’s inbox, you’ve got another chance to make a sale or get someone on your email list. Creating an email signature is super simple. There’s a free tool called Wisestamp that walks you through the entire process in just minutes.

96. Be YOU!

In a world of fakers and frauds it is refreshing when you can show up raw, unfiltered and true to you. People are attracted to those who stand out and aren't afraid to stand tall in who they are and what they repesent. Find your lane, be yourself and your clients and customers will find you!

97. Consistency Gets You The Cash

Be consistent. They may not buy now, but believe that if you continue to show up, they will buy eventually! So many people lose out on sales because they are impatient and undiscipliined. Consistency = Momentum and Momentum = Money! Stay the Course.

98. Mediate to Make More Money

Yes, really! How you feel internally affects how you show up in your work. If you are not aligned, feeling out of balance or constantly overwhelmed, it's hard to attract your ideal customers and clients. If your energy is off, make sure you take time to connect with and elevate yourself from the inside out.

99. Fix Your Mindset

Mindset affects your marketing! So, if you are feeling some resistance to selling or making decisions that impact your income, invest the time, energy or resources you need to master your mindset. The difference between 6-figure years and 6-figure launches is your mindset.

100. Invest in Yourself

You will never know all the answers. So, invest in getting around people who know more than you. Whether that’s a mastermind, a private FB community, a mentorship or group coaching situation, you can’t help others grow, if you’re not growing and evolving yourself!

101. Profit From Your Passion

When you love what you do, you will naturally attract more clients. People will feel your passion, embrace your energy and connect with your confidence. High energy attracts more customers so don't be afraid to share your passion with the will pay off in profits!