The STEP-BY-STEP “Passive Income System” For Creating, Growing, Launching, and Scaling Your Online Business with PROFITABLE DIGITAL PRODUCTS  and ONLINE COURSES!!

I tried DIYing my business for over 3 years. I was stuck, overwhelmed and still broke. In less than 60 days into WomanpreneuHER University, I had my first 4 figure month! Andrea delivers!

Kristin Haynes, Business Coach

success is everywhere online, so why is it that you’re still not making money with your coaching business?

the truth is…

Online business is B-O-O-M-I-N-G!

Now more than ever, people are looking for coaches, consultants, courses, and online programs that can take them from where they are NOW to where they want to BE!

The ONLY question YOU need to answer is…

Will I be THE ONE to give it to them?

Lemme answer that for you…

In the NEXT 90 days, YOU can go from a newbie who’s never sold a thing…to a wildly successful business coach who sells out their programs and courses every time you launch.

Let me explain…

When you join WomanpreneuHER™, you will learn how to master our scalable $100K Roadmap Framework, a proven blueprint that will give you the skills, systems, and support you need to become a profitable coach.

It shows you EXACTLY what to offer, how to attract “ready to buy” customers to that offer, AND how to SELL that offer to drive massive profits into your business.

“WomanpreneuHER University™ is EVERYTHING! It's so much more than anything I could have imagined. I have all of the tools, templates, swipe files, sales copy, social media content, and tech tutorials I need to create the success so many other programs promise but never deliver on! Oh. And did I mention the mindset training? Hands down the best program I've EVER invested in.”

Sabrina K.Fitness Coach

 just imagine how good it would feel to…

Have EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE to grow and scale your business. You do not need to invest in 10 different programs to get results. WU teaches you how to create, grow, market, sell and scale! There is NO other program out there that covers everything I teach inside of WomanpreneuHER University!!

Have the confidence to create online coaching and courses that YOU KNOW will build your authority, grow your community, and convert sales in your sleep! Celebrating 10K+ months and sold-out programs will become the norm. Talk about creating true freedom.

Finally getting the level of support you need. This is not a figure-it-out-on-your-own type of program. On top of all of the incredible training you’ll find inside of WU, you also get high-touch support through weekly Q&As and coaching calls with me. You’ll have access to a private mastermind group for feedback, questions, and support anytime you need it.

let’s get real

  • Creating success online is not about downloading all the freebies, subscribing to every email list in your niche, or googling your way to 6-figures.


  • It’s about knowing how to attract your ideal client with compelling content and transformational product offers that you can sell on autopilot with a high-converting sales system that allows you to…


  • … make consistent income without sacrificing time with your family or the freedom-based lifestyle you worked so hard to create for yourself!

newsflash:: your days of googl-ing your way to success are done because EVERYTHING you need is inside of womanpreneuHER university.

here’s what you’ll do inside of wu.



This roadmap is everything I wished for back when I was getting started. I searched for it. It didn’t exist. So I created it! Here’s an overview of my signature $100K Roadmap!


If you don’t have a clearly defined vision of what you are building, how can you plan to PROFIT? We’ll get crystal clear on what your dream business looks like! This is where you solidify your 6-figure business idea, nail your niche, get clear about your dream clients and customers and remove any limiting beliefs that could derail your imminent success.


Inside this phase, you’ll learn how to STAND out from the competition so everyone in your industry knows your name! I will show you exactly how to leverage your unique personality and the stories you tell to help you attract the right people – YOUR people along with my tools, templates, and tips on how to implement branding elements for success. No more blending in online!


Before you can start creating products and cranking out social media content, you need to have a clear understanding of what you’re striving for and what your sales funnel will look like. By the end of this phase you are going to have a solid plan for what a sales funnel system should look like and what key decisions you need to make now (such as choosing your product email provider, choosing your product type, etc.) to ensure your future success.


Knowing how to leverage the most effective traffic strategies to get peeps OFF of social media and into your sales funnel is the name of the game. Real bosses let their systems do the work so they can make money while they SLEEP. In this tech-driven phase, you will learn how to design an irresistible lead magnet that attracts an audience of “ready to buy” leads. You’ll also learn how to launch your automated email sequence that nurtures your new subscribers, positions you as their go-to expert, and ultimately gets your audience primed to buy from you.


It’s traffic time! There are SO.MANY.WAYS to drive traffic online. But first, you need to know which strategies are the RIGHT ones for YOU, so you can effectively skyrocket your visibility and begin generating a never-ending stream of TRAFFIC for your business. This phase strategically teaches you to start growing your audience before you launch your product offer. WHY? This way, when you’re ready to launch your offer – you’ll have an actual audience to sell to! Remember, No people = No profits! We are going to make sure you are attracting “ready to buy” leads right from the very beginning so you can grow your email list and position yourself for a profitable launch.


The better you are at creating products your customers actually need, the more money you will make. PERIOD! Your products must speak to the challenges your ideal client is facing, the dreams they are trying to achieve, and how your offer is the perfect match to help get them there where they want to go. Learn how to structure your SIGNATURE premium program or online course in a way that allows you to charge top dollar for it even if you have never launched a product before. I will also show you my proprietary method for turning your signature course into multiple lower ticket product offers that will allow you to scale your profits and drive passive income all year round.


It’s time to launch your offer to the world. This phase is ll about learning how to SELL (market and promote) your products and services. This goal during this phase is to take you through a simple yet scalable launch strategy. Because not everyone loves the idea of “live launching” you will learn multiple strategies for launching your products and services. This includes evergreen launches, launching with a challenge, and launching with webinars. By the end of this phase, you’ll know everything about what it takes to plan and execute a profitable launch.


Sometimes even the most experienced business owners get a little clammy when it comes to constantly selling. But like my mom always says, “Baby, a closed mouth don’t get fed.” In this phase, I am going to show you how to optimize your sales systems and processes so you can continue to scale your business.

if you’re an online biz owner who wants to celebrate $10K days, $25K months and $50K launches, this is the EXACT system you need to build, grow and scale your business.

here is just a fraction of the high-level tools + training that’s waiting for you inside of the womanpreneuher university.

I break down my Signature method for creating, posting, and repurposing viral content that attracts your dream clients, grows your authority, and consistently converts followers into customers.
With lifetime access, you can revisit the program anytime over and over again. Our on-demand library is constantly being updated with new content so you always have the most current, client and customer attracting strategies as the online landscape continues to evolve.
Each week I host live calls to help you execute what you learn. From mindset to marketing to money, we’ll be talking about it ALL! These sessions are a great opportunity to get your questions answered by me directly.
There’s one key difference between the entrepreneurs who are 6-figure earners and those who aren’t…and it’s not found inside a funnel, it’s found inside their minds. Mindset is everything! and we are going to help you unlock your best self!
Inside of Womanpreneur University, you will have access to my popular (and high-raved-about) Startup Kits. These Kits are more like full-blown courses that allow you to deep dive into a particular topic or strategy. From our Viral Content Startup Kit to our Digital Product Startup Kit and Signature Course Creator Kits,  we make sure you get the whole damn pie…not just a slice!
Get behind-the-screen video tutorials every step of the way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through a course that tells me WHAT to do, but leaves me clueless on HOW to actually do it. Not here! If there’s a tech-component to a method or strategy we teach inside of WU, there’s a tutorial walking you through each and every step so you don’t get stuck.
Create premium ebooks, lead-magnets, planners, printables, social media graphics, pinnable images, webinar slides, sales pages, testimonial images, and more with our carefully crafted and customizable Canva templates. Simply import the design, add your content and brand colors, and your product is ready to go! Yep! We’ve got a template for EVERYTHING!!
No more staring at blank computer screens and wondering, “What can I say and how do I say it?” I’m giving you access to my personal collection of pre-written swipe files, sales page copy, email sequences, social media captions, promotional posts, and so much more. You’ll get editable files so you can customize the content and make it your own (just add your own spin and voice).
I have gone through the pain-staking task of creating planners, printables, action plans, workbooks, and templates that will help you EXECUTE what you learn inside of the WU lessons.  Use these stunning worksheets to get a clear understanding of exactly what you need to do step by step to get results!

Excited? Well, hold on because you’re also going to get these crazy bonuses


Let me give you a sneak peek at the extras you’re gonna get when you enroll:



Got questions? Hop into our private Facebook community. Surround yourself with like-minded WomanpreneuHERs, so you’ll never feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed again. And no question will go unanswered! That’s right – no one gets left behind here!



I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to access, consume and keep track of the content you’ll be going through inside of my signature $100K Roadmap framework.

This cool tracker which I usually reserve for my 1:1 coaching clients will give you a comprehensive and step-by-step list of every lesson you are mastering inside of WU.

AirTable provides a unique interactive user experience that allows you to track your progress, filter completed tasks, add personalized notes and customize the way you consume content. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before. 



With over 420 Canva Product Templates and 106+ Social Media Marketing and Sales Templates, The Digital Product Startup Kit, is a complete system to help online coaches and course creators pick, plan, package and profit from their first (or next) digital product! Not only will you have the confidence to promote beautifully branded products that you know will fly off the shelves like hotcakes, you’ll have the tools for designing high-converting sales pages and launch emails that drive sales and make launching new products childsplay.



If you are an online coach, course creator, or service provider you know content is not only KING…it’s the KINGDOM! With The Viral Content Startup Kit you will finally have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create viral content without being salesy, sleazy & spammy or feeling like you have to spend all damn day on social media!! With a proven formula for creating, posting and repurposing high-converting content across ANY platform, you’ll have the confidence to post engaging content YOU KNOW will build your authority, grow your community, and convert sales in your sleep!



Inside of WomanpreneuHER University, we like to surprise our students by dropping new bonuses! As a WU student, you will receive early-access to new products and exclusive “Alumni” discounts on 1:1 Coaching and my WomanpreneuHER University “Inner Circle” Masters Program!

and you get lifetime access!

Never worry about losing access to the WomanpreneuHER University content.

With lifetime access, you can come back to the program anytime you need to freshen up on your business-building strategies! And with new content being added all of the time you will be able to leverage the latest material to launch your next offer(s) as you grow and scale your business.

*Includes all program updates so that you always have the most mindset, marketing, and monetization strategies at your fingertips.


Tutorials + Video Lessons


Canva Templates


Planners, Workbooks + Actionsheets


Viral Content Captions

You never fail to bring it! I've purchased multiple courses from you over the years and I swear the amount of value you give is beyond anything I've seen. You are truly a gem and I can't wait to grab whatever it is you launch next. Thank you for being a resource I can always count on.

Brea Price

I've been following you for some time and you are taking the world by storm. Thank you for sharing so much value. It truly is life-changing.

Felicia Starks

I want to first say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to educate me!! I just had to tell you I appreciate you and you have completely change my way of thinking when it comes to marketing!

Keshonda Reed

Andrea, I just want to say you are a phenomenal woman. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and having a true passion to want help others.

Alexandra McCormick

Andrea is the epitome of success. Everything she does, she does with excellence. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her coaching students and clients show up as their best selves. With Andrea by your side, there is no way you can lose.

Larry Beacham

Andrea is one of the rare 10% of the population that is going to succeed at whatever they do. What’s her secret? She is willing to do what everyone is not willing to do, the work. Whether it’s becoming a Gold Medal Olympic winner or a successful business woman, Andrea has the stuff that champions are made of. I have worked with her both personally and professionally and the results are always the same…EXCELLENCE!!!

Dr. Will Moreland, America’s #1 Leadership Life Coach

hey, girlfriend. I got you!

I’m Andrea, a Gold Medal Winning Olympic Athlete turned Online Business Coach, course creator, and visionary behind WomanpreneuHER University! I’ve worked with professional athletes, chart-topping celebrities, and 7- and 8-figure online entrepreneurs!

I am obsessed with real estate, green tea lattes, and helping female entrepreneurs turn their EPIC ideas into successful and sold-out digital products and signature courses!

Over the past ten years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of women level up their mindset, marketing, and money, and each week I share my expertise and experience with a community of WomanpreneuHERs over 35,000 strong!

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I started my business, I had ZERO clue where to start, what to do or who to trust. I enrolled in dozens of courses that left me stuck, confused, and overwhelmed and I vowed that when I became successful, I would create an online program that had EVERYTHING I wished I had when I was getting started.


I firmly believe, as the BOSS of your business, you can create any level of sucess you desire.

And with the right tools, training and support you can take your business idea and turn it into a SOLD-OUT online coaching program or signature course.

WomanpreneuHER University is where I’ve mapped out everything I’ve put to the test over the last 10 years to go from ZERO to being the proud owner of this multi-6-figure business.

So, now, YOU can fast-track your success and turn your expertise into income on demand.

Because… newsflash: Working a 9-5 is not for everyone.


Getting PAID what you’re worth…is for EVERYONE.


Making an IMPACT while doing what YOU love…is for EVERYONE.

Ready to finally become the CEO of your own destiny?


just a little praise for andrea bolder.

“Fiercely dedicated and focused, Andrea always shows up to win!”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympian

“You are everywhere and the simple techniques and strategies I've learned from you are amazing. It's inspired me to be more social with my fans. And it's working!”

Jean BaylorLead Singer, Zhané & The Balyor Project

“Andrea is a kick-butt marketer that has built a killer online brand around the principles of winning. The “gold medal marketer” and coach, truly is a woman we all need to watch out for.”

Layla BlackInterior Decorator

“Andrea is rich with knowleedge and generous with sharing resources. Additionally, women in her community are supportive and willing to share the wisdom!”

Shelly Gates

“I've been working with Andrea for years and I have to say she has become one of my favorite people online. I highly recommend Andrea as a mentor, coach and consultant, and will stand behind her as a cheerleader to anyone that is ever considering working with her. Keep in mind, she did win a Gold Medal in the Olympics, and she didn't get there by sitting on the sidelines watching. So let her be your Coach and help you accomplish Gold in your business!”

Nicole S. Cooperwww.your6figureyear.com

“I’ve known Andrea for the past couple of years and I just love her winning spirit. The way she is able to connect with people is truly amazing. She always keeps it real and is passionate about mentoring you toward the success you deserve.”

Donna ValdesCo-Founder Real Savvy Success

I meet a lot of people in this industry who say they can deliver results...but NONE delivers such winning content and business-altering strategies like Andrea. If you want to win in your business, she's the one who can show you how.

Robin Marks

Andrea, I just want to say you are a phenomenal woman. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and having a true passion to want help others.

Alexandra McCormick

Andrea is the epitome of success. Everything she does, she does with excellence. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her coaching students and clients show up as their best selves. With Andrea by your side, there is no way you can lose.

Larry Beacham

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to help me on my success journey!

Shamair Faison

Transformational, vision-fueled, strategic and results-driven. Just a few words that describe this powerhouse coach. If results is what you want, Andrea will be the game-changer your brand and business needs to win, and win big.

Byron Davis, Founder of Paid To Be You

how do I know if the womanpreneuher university is right for me?

  • you are a new online coach and just gettng started but you are ready to get in the game and make sure you do it the RIGHT WAY.
  • you’ve realized that Google is not your friend and DIYing your business is NOT the path to profits. You are ready for a real blueprint that shows you exactly what to dom when to do it and how to do it so can begin seeing the results you want.
  • you’re tired of seeing everyone else’s success on social media –  they are growing engaged communities, SELLING OUT their launches, and bragging about their success online. (and you’re wondering when it’s going to be your turn!)
  • you are a blogger, digital product creator, course creator, online coach, entrepreneur, trainer, consultant, author, or service provider, who wants to get SEEN & HEARD online.
  • you are ready to get paying clients, fill up your group coaching program and make sales on autopilot in the next 90 days or less so you can have a real money-making business instead of an expensive (and time-consuming!) hobby.
  • you are willing to show up and do the work instead of burying yourself in busy work that doesn’t bring in the big bucks. P.S. This is the roadmap you’ve been waiting for. If you follow it, you can not fail – Guaranteed.

So, how much does it really cost?

WomanpreneuHER University is what you need if you want to fast-track your success as an online entrepreneur, coach, or course creator AND your want to GET PAID!

In 90 days of using our $100K Roadmap inside of WU, you can expect to have a compelling signature product offer in place along with a step by step gameplan of exactly who that offer is for, how to attract “ready to buy” leads, and how to create a high-converting sales funnel that converts subscribers to sales on autopilot.

Now, while you can never put a price tag on business success, if you tally up everything that’s included inside of WU, you’ll see that…


BUT because I’m going to make WU a no-brainer investment, I’ve put together this IRRESISTABLE offer so you can start TODAY!

Instead of charging FULL PRICE, I’m giving YOU  lifetime access at 50% OFF

for $1997 $997

Pssst!!! WomanpreneuHER University is only available at this super low price for a limited time and for a limited number of people. If you want in,  get in now because I can guarantee that the price will NEVER be this insanely low again. So if this membership is speaking to you, get it now before the price goes up!


In this community, we want to celebrate every woman for their BIG wins. In fact, when you launch your online course for the first time or land your first client using WomanpreneuHER University, I will personally send you flowers cheering you on.

Yep, that’s how we roll around here!

“I want to first say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to educate me!! I just had to tell you I appreciate you and you have completely change my way of thinking when it comes to marketing! You are a Godsend. I have truly found MY coach!”

Andrea Cook

let’s recap what you get instant access to inside of the WomanpreneuHER University TODAY!


Tutorials + Video Lessons


Canva Templates


Planners, Workbooks + Actionsheets


Viral Content Captions

have questions? I’ve got answers for you!

I know firsthand that CONTENT IS THE KEY to building an online business and with the right tools, you can get over the fear of putting yourself out there and finally go after the 6-figure future you really want!

Give me the real...how is WomanpreneuHER University different?

Okay, I get it…you have courses on your computer right now that are collecting digital dust, so why do you need WU?

First, the WU is more than a course, it’s an on-demand resource center ready to equip you with everything you need to succeed not only in business but in life…and it costs a ton less.

WomanpreneuHER University doesn’t just teach a one size fits all strategy.

WU teaches EVERY strategy you need to launch, grow and scale your online business. We cover everything from launching a 1:1 coaching program to creating passive income with entry level digital products. You name it, we have a training on it.

We provide a guided roadmap that you can use to lay a foundation for success for your business. We will help you get clear on your vision, then give you specific skills and strategies to help you where you want to be. You’re never left alone to figure it solo.

When do I get access to all of the content?

Yes, you’ll get immediate access to EVERYTHING inside of the membership site right away.

After you securely check out with your PayPal or credit card, you’ll receive a confirmation of your purchase along with login details which will give you access to WomanpreneuHER Universirty.

Inside of the WU membership site, you will get immediate access to your course lessons, tools, templates, resources, and bonuses. And the best part is that it’s a self-paced and self-study so you can start and stop anytime. So go on and skip to whatever lesson you need at the moment!

If you have any issues accessing the content, my team is here to help.

When do I get the bonuses?

Any and all bonsues included in The Viral Content Startup Kit will be delivered to you right away.

Your Teachable login details will be sent straight to your inbox once you click the BUY button and if you have any issues accessing the content (including the bonuses), my team is here to help.

I live outside the US...I'm 58 years old...I'm a new coach...I'm in XYZ industry...is WU right for me?

YES! Your success and growth as a coach aren’t determined by your age, niche, location or level or experience. WomanpreneuHER University is for anyone building a business anywhere around the world and we have students who represent a diverse range of entrepreneurs ages 18 to 68 from the United States, Australia, UK, Canada, Philippines, France, Norway, Japan, Mexico, and more.

The strategies, the tools, and business building systems you learn inside The WomanpreneuHER University work regardless of location.

Were’ global baby!

Is this membership site for me if I ___________? (Fill in the blank)

WU was specifically designed for anyone selling stuff online! This includes: coaches, course creators, creatives, consultants, artists, bloggers, trainers, influencers, YouTubers, social media managers, network marketers, real estate agents, authors, designers, and anyone else who 1) wants to sell more stuff and 2) wants to make more money selling that stuff. Bam!

Will The WomanpreneuHER University teach me how to create a course? I've been a coach for a while now and I'm ready to create a signature course...

YES. The WomanpreneuHER University has EVERYTHING you need to create both a 1:1 coaching program and an online course!  Every member will have access to the Signature Course Creator Startup Kit.  So if course creation is what you’re looking for, we got you covered!

I don't have a business yet! Will WomanpreneuHER University be a good fit for me?

Don’t worry! WU will take you from idea to income! So even if you are starting from scratch or if you don’t have a business idea yet, but know you want to start one, WomanpreneuHER University and the $100K Roadmap System is perfect for helping you take your idea and turn it into a signature offer all while teaching you how to build your audience so when you are ready to launch your business and product you will have a community of targeted customers and dream clients to sell to!!

How much access will I get to Andrea personally?

This is not a 1:1 coaching program (unless you are getting 1:1 coaching as part of a bonus offered when you enrolled) but I encourage you to submit questions in the private WomanpreneuHER University™ Facebook group. I am always there the answer any questions you have. You and other WU students will also have access to me as your instructor during our LIVE weekly coaching sessions.

Can I only pay for certain trainings, courses and bonuses separately?

Most of the training and courses inside of WomanpreneuHER University can only found inside the membership site. Many of the courses you’ll find inside of WU, were sold a la carte at a significantly higher price. The reason why I created WU was to give people the opportunity to get access to all of my content in ONE place. There is no better deal, package or program plus 99.999% of the programs and courses I sell outside of WU will be added to the membership site. This is what makes WU so powerful. #perks

Do you guarantee results?

My role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through. I am an online marketing coach, not a miracle worker, so I cannot and do not guarantee that you will achieve a particular business result or income increase. Results differ by each individual and each individual’s business success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, skill level, and motivation, just to name a few. As with any business-related program or service that you purchase, your results may vary. Like with school, the professor cannot guarantee if you will pass the course if you do not put in the work… but if you’re the true boss that I think you are, I’m positive you won’t have a problem with getting the most out of your investment.

Do you offer refunds?

No! Because of the digital nature of the content that we work hard each and every month to create for our community, at prices most online entrepreneurs would laugh at, we have a NO REFUND policy. Once you’re in you will have access to content that if sold as an online course or program would value in the tens of thousands!

The short explainer video on this page gives you a detailed overview of the content inside of WomanpreneuHER University and the info page here explains exactly what’s included, who this product is for, who it is not for, and how to use it to get the best results.

More questions?

Great question! If you have lingering concerns or questions, we encourage you to message us by emailing us at mailto:connect@womanpreneuheruniversity.com and we’ll be happy to discuss if WomanpreneuHER University is the right fit for you!

"Andrea, I can't afford this right now. How do I justify investing in this?"

I get it. Investing in premium program is scary and it should be. After all, you can’t afford to just give money away, right?

Well, let me ask you this…

Can you afford to sit on the sidelines while other women (who are probably
way less qualified than you BTW!) continue to crush with their business and realize their financial goals?

How much money are you currently leaving on the table with your “when-the-time-is-right” approach?

How much money will you make once you know EXACTLY how to take that ah-maz-ing idea of yours and turn it into a wildly profitable product offer that you can sell again and again and again on autopilot using the strategies you master with our
$100K Roadmap System inside WomanpreneuHER University?

Answering those questions will help you see how investing in WU pays for itself.


$ 197

For 6 Months
  • WomanpreneuHER University Membership
  • Live, Weekly Coaching Calls ($1,997 VALUE)
  • Members-Only Facebook Community ($2500 VALUE)
  • WU Bonuses ($5900 VALUE)
  • 45 MINUTE 1:1 Power Up Coaching Session ($1100)


$ 997

1 Payment
  • WomanpreneuHER University Membership
  •  Live, Weekly Coaching Calls ($1,997 VALUE)
  • Members-Only Facebook Community ($2500 VALUE)
  • WU Bonuses ($5900 VALUE)
  • 45 MINUTE 1:1 Power Up Coaching Session ($1100)

“Ladies, if you aren’t a paid member of WomanpreneuHER University you are missing OUT! And, I don’t say that lightly. Best investment I’ve ever made – Niesha Kennedy-Robinson